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Programmatic Hiring Solutions

MaxRecruit is Recruitology’s programmatic recruitment marketing product. It automatically helps you purchase, distribute, and optimize job postings and related budgets across top job sites. MaxRecruit analyzes your job’s performance on each job site we post to. It then adjusts your job’s placement on the site and its cost per click advertising according to the site’s performance.  All you need to do is post once and worry less!

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Post Once Worry Less

The solution to the online recruiting conundrum is MaxRecruit, an AI recruiting solution that connects employers with the right talent. MaxRecruit from Recruitology makes finding the ideal candidate much easier for recruitment managers and business owners. 

Once your job post is set up on our platform, MaxRecruit sends it to top job sites for you. Your job will appear on top hiring sites, such as Indeed®, Glassdoor®, ZipRecruiter®, and more.


Optimized Placements

Programmatic job advertising (or programmatic recruitment advertising) is the use of technology for buying, distributing, and optimizing job ads – and the associated budget - automatically. MaxRecruit distributes your job ad, and optimizes its placement, across 30+ top job sites.

Job Candidate

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We’re strong believers in quality over quantity. MaxRecruit helps you prioritize quality candidates by rating them as a Great Match, Good Match, Possible Match or an Unlikely Match for your position. 

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