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Programmatic for
Cannabis and Hemp

The cannabis industry is worth $61 billion and nationwide cannabis sales increased 67% in 2020.


Unfortunately most DSPs (demand side platforms) don’t provide advertising to what they consider “dangerous goods” or unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements. That’s where we come in with a DSP that has agreements with publishers to advertise these products. 

 It can be a challenge to reach potential customers online since Facebook and Google have strict policies in place to prevent the promotion of cannabis and hemp products. With agreements with publishers like the Food Network, Travel Channel, MAXIM, Grasscity, MedicalJane, Leafly, and eHarmony and more placing your brand in front of a highly engaged audience. 


Advance targeting by 

•Geographic Region

•Audience Interests

•Device Type

•Operating System

•Time of Day


•Blacklist Underperforming

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